To establish and maintain the impeccability of your space, we, at First Call Elite, LLC, offer bespoke cleaning services for all properties regardless of their size and the industry they belong to. We take pride in using the industry’s most competent and effectual techniques and use proper equipment.

We always provide our customers with a cleaning staff that is professionally trained and thoroughly screened to ensure the quality control of our services and security of our clients.

Green Cleaning

We offer a green clean commercial cleaning services program benefitting all clients. We are an eco-friendly cleaner committed to providing safe and environmentally responsible green cleaning services. We realized that introducing it as our company’s commercial cleaning standard is the best for the environment and customers. Our green cleaning utilizes environmentally friendly products in our processes to reduce contaminants that pollute our planet.

Several commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause headaches, respiratory irritations, and other symptoms in building dwellers and workers. That’s why, after considering the negative effects of such products, we adopted green janitorial services and encourage our clients to do the same.

Benefits of choosing green cleaning janitorial services:

  • Environmental and ecofriendly attributes
  • Staff health and safety
  • Government regulations
  • Increased recycling
  • Cost and waste reduction
  • Depollute the planet

Heavy Routine Cleaning

When you don’t have the time to perform a deep clean, leave it to the experts. At First Call Elite, LLC, we’ve got all your heavy routine services covered with the perfect solution for your constant cleaning needs. We’ll help you feel refreshed and balanced by making your space shine. Our cleaning staff knows that a dirty house can be damaging to your health and perform an extensive, thorough cleaning process. We carry out an intense cleanse around the entire home and disinfect every region.

Some of our grittiest deep clean services include:

  • Wash/dust blinds and baseboards
  • Interior of major appliances and outside appliances
  • Murphy oil woodwork
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Clean wall hangings
  • Cobwebs
  • Empty trash cans
  • Pick-up/straighten
  • Wash dishes/load dishwasher
  • Wipe outside kitchen cabinets/countertops
  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Wash floors
  • Thorough dust and polish

Commercial Floor Services

Regardless of what your location is, a well-maintained floor is vital. Keeping the flooring clean is often much more complicated than simply mopping and vacuuming. You will require professional floor care to ensure the floors in your facility are clean and sparkling.

At First Call Elite, LLC, we’ve been successfully cleaning and maintaining all types of commercial floors for more than a decade. No matter what type of flooring you have, our team is aware of the proper floor care requirements to give your commercial flooring the presentation and professionalism it deserves.

Our commercial floor care cleaning services include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor stripping and refinishing
  • Buffing
  • Waxing


To maintain a healthy environment for your space, we introduce you to our sanitizing services that are redefining the concept of healthy living space. At First Call Elite, LLC, we provide full sanitizing services utilizing state of the art cleaning methods. We implement processes that are proven to be highly effective against viruses and harmful bacteria.

We don’t want you and the health of your family or clients on risk; therefore, our sanitization services eliminate bacteria, germs, and allergens, and help you get rid of dust mites. Our sanitizing services are the ideal way to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for your family or clients.

Pressure Washing

As a dedicated cleaning company, we provide the most affordable pressure washing services. We take the pressure off you and leave the space looking neat and tidy. For us, no heavy-duty job is too challenging.

At First Call Elite, we believe in making the exterior as clean as the interior. Pressure washing is the ideal way to take good care of the outside of your property and is essential for property maintenance. Whether you just want to keep the exteriors clean or eliminate graffiti and mildew, our janitors have the skills and equipment to care for your building environment. We’ve got you covered for your parking lots, walls, walkways, statuary, roofs, and gutters.

Our pressure washing services include:

  • Surface preparation
  • General cleaning
  • Facade cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Sanitizing and degreasing
  • Substance disposal